Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day zero, my new birthday

0500 wake up when the techs began to fill ice bags for their patients. The kitchen is directly across from my room.

One cup of Peet's french Roast and some OJ, I settled in and wrote the recap for yesterday.

0630 I met my new day nurse Ashlyn. Newly wed and one on the way, she is quite a character.

Ordered breakfast: Oatmeal, Soy Milk, grapes, sliced peaches and prune juice.

0800 started walking my laps, and felt so good, I walked 21 that equals 1 mile.

After my walk, I was gonna shower, but the transplant procedure was eminent, so nurse Ashlyn started fluids and the preliminary prophylactic drugs.

1000 Benadryl and Adivan caused drowsiness but I perked up when I was reunited with my harvested cells

Soon the cells began to reinter my system, and I seemed to struggle a bit with shortness of breath, so Nurse Ashlyn slowed the flow which helped.

I would have fallen asleep during the infusion, but another nurse in training was quite talkative with my nurse.

The infusion took no longer than an hour to infuse 4million stem cells. The nurses left and I slept for an hour.

1330 Lunch ordered risky choice of shepard's pie and green beans with orange sherbet.

Afternoon shower, and another dressing replacement, some veggie soup and saltines for dinner, and another 10 laps to give me a mile and a half today.

Walking aids in circulation and oxygenation of muscle tissue and will help my Stem cells find their home in my bone marrow quicker.

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