Friday, October 7, 2016

Day One with the New Old me

Yesterday I had 4 million of my stem cells reinfected directly into my jugular via the Tri-fusion catheter I spoke of earlier. After shaking off the effects of benadryl and a muscle relaxer, I was able to walk another 1/2 mile after the 1st mile I did before the transplant.

This morning, I woke and knocked off 1/2 mile before breakfast, and just finished another mile.

The reason for walking is the circulation with help the stem cells find their home and possibly speed up the engrafting process, but the immediate effects are the reduction of the negative side affects like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, etc. so I'm walking my butt off as long as my energy level will sustain this activity. According to the progress chart, tomorrow is the day I begin to descend into the "basement" of this process where the side effects are more likely, and will last for about a week or so before engrafting begins. I shaved my head today as my hair will be departing in the next day or so I can control where the hair falls. A quick sweep after the shave, and I'm back in boot camp circa 1979.

Food still tastes like 2 week old cat turds, so fresh fruits and veggies remain high on my desirable list.

Reading and watching storm coverage of Hurricane Matthew keeps me occupied. Visitors are welcome... just stop by to chat for a bit.

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